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Our Harvest Market is reopening for the season on Saturday, April 21! Come join us.

Help guide the future of Sonoma Garden Park by taking part in the SGP Master Plan Update!
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Caring for Pollinators from the Ground Up @ Sonoma Garden Park
Jun 9 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The Sonoma Ecology Center will be offering a Bee Patch Garden Workshop from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 9th, at the Sonoma Garden Park.

Did you know there are over 600 varieties of native bees live in Sonoma County? Most we will never see because they’re fast, often small, and nest underground. But take a summer stroll in Sonoma Garden Park and you’re likely to spot more bees than you can count. On one day alone, researchers documented 80 bee species.  Other beneficial insects and hummingbirds use the garden, too, as it’s a busy oasis of year-round habitat and food resources. The Garden is an exciting and productive local offset to mounting, worldwide pollinator declines.

Come join us at the Sonoma Garden Park to learn how your garden can help reverse the downward spiral in pollinator populations. A well-designed, home garden Bee Patch offers the biodiverse foraging and nesting habitat pollinators are stressing to find.  If you build it, they will come!

Workshop co-leaders are: Oona Heacock, assistant executive director with the North Coast Resource Conservation & Development Council; Katy Pye, former conservation district leader and author of a pending workbook on tracking garden pollinators; Kandis Gilmore, Ecologist and Pollination Biologist from Sonoma State University, and Joan Weir, apprentice in the UC Davis Masters Beekeeper program.

A lecture period will set up a Garden walk to observe forage and nesting habitats and identify native bees and the plants they prefer. Participants will learn how to create a Bee Patch habitat in their home gardens and monitoring techniques for contributing data to citizen science biodiversity studies.

8th Annual Native Bee Count @ Sonoma Garden Park
Jun 30 @ 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

It’s time for our eighth annual Native Bee Count.  Dr. Gordon Frankie and his bee team from UCBerkeley Urban Bee Lab will once again be guiding us through the citizen science of Native Bees.  In this citizen science project we must follow the same protocols each year, which means we can take only 10 participants.

This year the Native Bee Count will be on Saturday, June 30.  We will meet at 8:30AM and end at 5PM.

As volunteers, you will be trained to capture bees in their native environment in order to survey the numbers and types of bees present and then to compare those numbers each year.  In the morning briefing and as you survey each site, you will learn conservation of bees and other insects that visit flowers, why bees are important, statewide finings on the bee/flower relationship from Urban Bee Lab research all over the State of California and stewardship of bee gardens.  

The event will take place at the Sonoma Garden Park and two other locations in the southern Sonoma Valley.  Further directions and information will be sent after you register.

There will be morning and afternoon snacks.  Since everyone will be scattered during lunch you should plan to bring a light lunch.

Please pre-register with Shelley Arrowsmith

There is a $35 fee (cash please) which will be collected on Saturday at the Native Bee Count.

For information about native bees go to the UCBerkeley Urban Bee Lab website at

We hope you can join us for the informative and fun activity.


Shelley Arrowsmith, Bee Count Coordinator

Alana Coburn, Refreshment Coordinator

Gordon Frankie and all the Urban Bee Lab staff at UCBerkeley

Herbal Salve Making @ Sonoma Garden Park
Aug 25 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Herbal infused oils and salves are healing and nourishing topical applications. An herbal salve is an infusion of plants in an oil and beeswax base. These salves and oils make fantastic gifts that can be used throughout the year for various skin conditions like cuts, rashes, burns, and sprains or as a massage salve.

In this class, participants will learn how to prepare potentially healing herbal infused oils and then turn those oils into salves. We will also be incorporating essential oils so each person can have a custom blend that they may take home.

Class will focus on:

Ideal plants for the oil infusions

Various oils for herbal infusions

How to make herbal infused oils

Herbal salve making

Essential oils for salves


The workshop will be facilitated by Tina Tedesco, a long-time local herbalist, grows her own medicinal herbs and creates a variety of herbal products. After completing a 3 year program at the California School of Herbal Studies, she continued her education learning from other herbalists in the Northern California region. She is also a certified Reiki Master and incorporates shamanic energy healing into her work. Herbal medicine is one of her greatest passions and she is eager to share it with others.

Tickets are $20 for non-members and $15 for SEC members. Advance registration is required.

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